Artistic Explorers

In August 2015, 21 kids participated in a fantastic musical theatre camp.  Located at Mosquito Lake at the Mount Moresby Adventure Camp facility, kids learned to sing, dance, create sets, and act.  Based on "Little Shop of Horrors", the performance took place at the Howard Phillips Community Hall in Masset.

French for Fun

French for Fun was a program created to teach kids the French language through hands-on experiential learning.  Students cook together and role play to develop their vocabulary.  The students also participated in an exchange with students from Quebec.

Artists in Action

This week long camp happened during March Break 2011.  Kids spent the week studying portraiture, creating arrows and paintbrushes from natural materials, archery, costume-making and design, and learning a dance piece with various artists from Haida Gwaii and Vancouver.  The camp ended with an Art Show and Dance Performance at Christian's Longhouse.

Kids Can Build

​Kids built a tree house over a school year out on Tow Hill Road in 2009.  For one day a week, 10 students from Tahayghen Elementary learned building terminology, how to draft their design, how to make a model, and finally, how to build a tree house. 

Limestone Island

​The Laskeek Bay Conservation Society annually invites students to participate in their educational and interpretive programs studying ancient murrelets.  Tidal Elements funded three trips to this unique setting.  Students travel to Limestone Island via zodiac and stay on the island learning about conservation issues with biologists.

Theatre Camp

During a week in July 2010 kids learned improv games, storyboarding, costume-making, and set design.  The camp took place at the longhouse on the Hiellen River and the kids had a lot of oudoor time to explore the river, forest, and beach.  Friends and family were invited to their performance on the last day.

Mosquito Lake Camp

​Kids learned from a variety of mentors in an outdoor setting.  They studied marine life, learned how to make paper from natural materials, birding, and lantern-making, and canoeing.  They visited the local fish hatchery and saw plenty of bears too!